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Channelling Sessions


Channelling sessions focus on the spoken translation of energy and are most often selected because of a desire to receive guidance, counselling, or clarity about specific, core issues in one’s life. Roger makes an intention to connect with the energies that will be most helpful and then allows that energy to flow through him.  


Channelling sessions are offered for the sole purpose of bringing you clarity which will, in turn, empower you. While the information received in a channeling session will be richly diverse, enlightening, and specific, Roger will never tell you what to do. The channelled information Roger has received over the years has been consistent and clear: we live in a reality system of infinite potential where outcomes are determined by the free-will choices we each make.


There are two types of Channelling sessions available to you: 


  • Full Sessions are one hour in length and generally provide enough time for a variety of topics to be explored. They are valued at $245.


  • Single Focus Sessions are 30 minutes in length and designed to focus on a single topic - the one you feel is most relevant to your life at this point in time. They are valued at $145.


All sessions will be recorded for you. An mp3 for download will be sent to you within 48 hours after the session is complete.

In-person appointments are held at Roger's office at 2324 E. Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78702 within the Soma Vida Wellness Center.

Appointments are also available via Zoom Video Conferencing and Roger considers them to be equally effective.

If you are new to the concept of channelling, or would like to read more about it, please do so below.




Everything is made of energy - every person, every object - even every thought. And as traditional physics has proven, energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. Therefore everything exists energetically and it always will.


Each expression of energy also vibrates, and does so at a certain frequency. For me, channeling is tuning into this energy with intention. Much like a physical radio tunes into a particular station by finding its unique frequency, during a private session, I tune into the unique frequencies of the energies that will be most helpful to you - generally those with a wide perspective of reality.

If we use the anaolgy of a forest as a way to think about the range of perspectives, we might say that an individual life is a single tree within the forest - aware of itself and a few of the other trees surrounding it - a fairly narrow perspective of life. There is nothing wrong with this, and in fact it's as important as any other perspective, but life at this perspective can sometimes get confusing...thus the old adage "I can't see the forest for the trees."

As a channeller, I simply tune into more trees all at the same time. It's as if I gain a bird's eye view, widening the perspective that is sometimes needed in order to gain the clarity that seems to be missing from the perspective of the individual tree.

Through my experience of channelling energies with wide perspectives, I have come to know their unique aspects, just as I would any other person in my human life. Remember, it's ALL energy, and the more time you spend with certain aspects of energy, the more familiar it becomes.

The collection of energies I have become most familiar with - and through whom many have found the clarity they seek - I have named "Maxim." And within this collective are other aspects that I know as The Babaji-Christ, Sri Yuketswar Giri, Paramahansa Yogananda, and even a wider version of myself named "Elyon." At the widest perspective, all energy is one. Therefore, I meet these energies as one within myself, as opposed to experiencing them as separate from me. Their words become the words that emerge in my heart.

My channelling ability is not a “gift.” It’s an ability inherent to all. I have simply allowed myself to know this ability within myself as I released the resistances I had to my sensitivities. Through time and experience, I’ve refined the process of translation and expression of the perspectives I see while I am channeling.

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