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Soul Plan Readings

The Soul Plan Reading process has been derived from ancient texts such as the Sefer Yetzirah and the Zohar which explore apparent reality through sound, letter, and word. It also utilizes a method of gematria channeled by Frank Alper (1930-2007) in his Spirituality of Moses work. In this current Soul Plan System, the interpretations have been modernized and further developed by Blue Marsden, who highlights a non-dualistic theme.

In this easy to learn format, Soul Plan Reading is a powerful and accurate system which serves as a tool for life purpose guidance, and is also quite effective in spiritual counseling and healing practices. Additionally, the Soul Plan Reading process can be employed for name optimization, relationship counseling, business readings, and clearing of core limiting beliefs, and old patterns.


  • Deepen your experience of Self

  • Gain clarity in your own life

  • Acquire skills to heal/empower yourself and others

  • Certification to offer professional readings

  • Advice on setting up a new practice and/or integrating it into your existing therapeutic practice


  • Learn to prepare & professionally present a Soul Plan

  • Analyze and understand your own Soul Plan, focusing on challenges, talents, goals, destiny, and the purpose of significant relationships and events in your life.

  • Analyze the Soul Plans of willing friends and family

  • Gain confidence in channeling additional information

  • Become aware of how the body is intricately linked with the Soul Plan and how to listen to the body's communication

  • Discover methods for healing and overcoming the challenging aspects of the Soul Plan

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