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Jul 03, 2018
In July 2018 Exploration
Hi Everyone. This exploration is going up a couple of days later than normal because Story and I were hosting a retreat at our house called Adventures in Consciousness! It was an amazing experience! The focus of the retreat ended up naturally being about death and rebirth within this lifetime - a birthing of a new self - and so I thought that we, as an art community, should explore that together as well. So the exploration this month is to create 2 pictures - one that represents your death = not literal death - but an experience of your self that you feel you are "leaving" in order to birth a new aspect of yourself. So then, the other picture will be to create a picture of the new self that you are birthing. And, as always, see what insight and meaning you can derive from these experiences and rt and share what you feel to with us all! Big love, Roger
Jun 09, 2018
In Events
Thanks to the creativity and generosity of Art of Connection Member, Virga Heft, we have a real opportunity in front of us to have our first in-person Art of Connection Retreat in Galveston, Texas!! Galveston is on the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Virga has donated her own beach-front house and secured a huge discount on another nearby, so we're looking at a very reasonable cost here. The dates we've settled on are October 19 - 21, 2018 and the weather will be stunning then, highs in the upper 70's and lows in the 60's. So, the schedule would look like this: Friday evening, October 19th - Welcome Dinner Saturday, October 20th - Connecting through art together (exact schedule to be determined, but I definitely see a morning start, a mid-day break so everyone can be sure to enjoy the beach, swimming in the ocean, collecting shells, etc.) and then regrouping mid-afternoon for more art work that would take us into early evening. Sunday, October 21st - a brief morning get together and farewell and checking out of the houses by noon. We're going to start the retreat small and see how much interest there is, and then let it grow organically. So to start with right now, there are two open spots to fill the existing houses we have reserved. The price for the actual retreat will be $150.00 The price for accommodations (a queen bed) will be $140.00 for both nights. So that's a total package of $290.00 This price is only guaranteed for the first two people to book. If more people book, then we'll try to find another house to rent close by, try to find the most reasonable prices available, and then let you know who much it will be. Follow this link to see picture of the house where the existing two beds are available: Galveston House If you want one of the first two spots, please let me know as soon as possible. You can either reply here in the comments or send me an email to I'll keep the retreat offer exclusive here in the Forum until the end of June. After that, I'll open it up to the wider Art of Connection Alumni. Come play with us! It will be so much fun!! Love, Roger


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