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As a result of my session with you, my life's already begun to shift. I was at such an odd place, and I feel it gave me the clarity and boost that I have needed. Even though it's only been 24 hours, I’m building a relationship with this intelligence that is so incredibly strong, loving, and clear. It is incredible and will continue to be incredible. I feel as if I’m already feeling the concept of letting go and this "blending" of our natures to be more in alignment with my/our purpose.


I do not get read often. I’m very picky about who I get readings from. Perhaps, as a reader myself, it’s because I hold a high standard to the work.You exceeded and went above and beyond that. I felt from you, and through you, a genuine, pure, loving, and powerful spiritual communication - a listening that was amazing to witness - not just in the process of the art, but the words you chose, your mannerisms and demeanor, and your delivery as well. Your eyes are so intensely bright and clear, and hold a tangible compassion, a non judgment that is communicated as you relay your information. I felt held in the space of grace during the reading.


Having the chance to just "talk" with my guide through you as an intermediary was so beneficial to me. And having the video to watch after the session was such a beautiful gift. It was like getting a second reading all over again. Watching this guide appear, the process, layer by layer, tells a story in and of itself. For me, as I watch this beautiful guide appear on the page, every thought, observation, or memory that came to me as it unfolded was just as much a communication, or "guidance" for me as the words that came out of your mouth - a self reading within a reading of sorts. Seeing the image build showed me the layers of my guide’s personality - who they are and how he relates to me. I found this process to be very healing, and now I have not only the gift of the reading, but the portrait and the video to help me replay the messages, and reestablish the beauty of my guide connection whenever I feel it’s needed. I have much respect for you and your work.


Ohio, USA

I came into this session with a relationship problem I had been having for the last 5 years or so. Even if I was having a good time and feeling happy, the problem was always there. Since my job is inviting highly reputable teachers from abroad (some of them world's bestselling authors) and organizing their workshops, I had opportunities to talk to them about this problem, but I never experienced any significant changes. I didn't have many expectations of my session and thought, "Well, this won't work either."


Surprisingly, I feel my problem has been resolved! The truth existing at the expanded level was unfolded by Maxim and the problem suddenly started to lose its power against me. This truth that unfolded is something that I had not thought of before at all. I was a little bit shocked by learning that my efforts to solve the problem were misdirected and actually gave more power to the problem. My impression about the word "channeling" was "something strange". However, the advice given by Maxim and the realizations I made were very logical and grounded. Maxim and Roger are one of a kind. I felt the true energy from both of them. 


Tokyo, Japan

My spirit was buzzing with ecstatic love even before the channel started, and as it progressed, I knew, in a way beyond 3D-knowing, that in some way, this was a message from what I call my Super-Soul, to me. And the thing I most want you to know is how this experience impacted my life. It created the most profound single shift in my sense of self-knowing that I have ever experienced. I feel so whole and complete!


California, USA

Thank you so much for your encouragement, Roger. I spent many years reaching into the subconscious, but even with all that practice I have never felt myself opening up on so many levels as I am feeling now. It's as if something foggy is beginning to come into focus and I am beginning to imagine myself with tendrils literally extending in all sorts of directions. I know you have described this multidimensionality before, but I am beginning to sense it in a more concrete way now. Like you say, it is fascinating. I feel like I am coming home.


Houston, TX

Thank you so much for the session on Tuesday, Roger. Here and now I am willing to feel all ... here and now I am ready to feel my core fear : my fear of fear ... and here and now I am ready to manifest TRUST in I AM


Chicago, IL

I feel myself freeing up and I can tell there's much more to work with. I have found myself being more aware than usual of thoughts that carried emotion, which I would usually shrug off. I'm making a commitment to myself to not do that anymore, but to use these powerfully therapeutic processes instead.


San Diego, CA

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