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Visionary Art Therapy


I have structured my visionary art process so that it can be used in the therapeutic setting. I will guide you (or we can work together) to create abstract art on a blank canvas. I will then facilitate a guided experience of self-exploration and discovery by finding meaning in the images that emerge. You will keep the original image which will then serve as an ongoing source of self reflection.

The creative process, which is intimately connected to the subconscious mind, has the power to reveal memories, fears, and passions that may be hidden beneath layers of unconscious and self-imposed limitations.

When that which has been hidden is seen, a path for powerful transformation unfolds.

Visionary art sessions help you connect with the most authentic version of yourself. When external reality dominates, it's easy to forget who you really are. And no amount of critical thinking can help you find your way back. It is only when you return to a deep state of feeling, easily sparked by the creative mind, that you can remember.

Visionary Art Therapy sessions can be conducted in person at INTUITION in Cold Spring Harbor, NY, or through Zoom Video conferencing.

Energy Portraits


















Many people enjoy taking the visionary art process to the next level by commissioning me to create a piece of artwork that will become a permanent part of their home or office. These highly personalized creations then serve as an ongoing means of interacting with the non-physical energies that surround each and every one of us.


In the early development of my process, faces became a prominent feature in much of my work. While there was no conscious reason for this at the time, looking back, I realized that gazing into the eyes provided a very human and grounded way of relating to the energy.


The client's intention in this process is paramount because non-physical energy can be interacted with in any way that excites us. For instance, some people prefer to relate to the energy as a guide or a higher self, while others prefer to see the energy as a deep, subconscious aspect of their present self. Our reality is driven by our choice of perception, so one way of perceiving is not more true than another. You should choose what feels most exciting to you, because what excites you is always what best serves you.

To offer some context, a few examples of previous client intentions have been to connect with a: higher/wider self, collective consciousness, past life, future life, shadow self, wounded aspect, healed aspect, or spirit guide. But you can also name your own. And finally, there is nothing wrong with coming into this experience with an open intention - meaning you prefer to see what reveals itself to you through this process as opposed to asking for something in particular.

It's important for you to know that you cannot make a wrong choice. What is wanted and needed to come through always does. The only choice you're making is about how you wish to receive that information.

In addition to receiving the final Energy Portrait, you will also receive a 60 minute high-definition video recording of the initial image emerging, including the thoughts, feelings, and messages I receive while creating the art. When the portrait is complete, I will share another 60 minutes with you via video conference (or in-person if you travel to Cold Spring Harbor) during which I will further share my experience with you, offer additional insight I received during the art creation process, show you how best to interact with the energy, and even speak directly or answer questions from the energy's perspective (channel) if this is something you desire.

If you would like to see some examples of Energy Portraits created in this way, please visit the Art Gallery.


The pricing for this service is completely dependent on the medium you choose (paint on canvas or pastel on paper) as well as the size of the artwork. Pricing begins at $595 (shipping and handling included) for an 18" x 24" pastel on paper and at $800 (plus shipping & handling) for an acrylic painting on a 36" x 36" canvas.

If you're interested in commissioning an Energy Portrait, please schedule a free phone consultation so we can discuss your intention, time frame, and preferred medium. If we agree to work together, I will then send you a link for secure payment.


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