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Roger is a New York based Visionary Artist who expresses energy through art and words. Explorers of consciousness are attracted to his work due to its multidimensional nature and heart centered approach.

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I’m an explorer of consciousness who creatively guides people in their own process of self-exploration through the visionary art process, whether that be through the art I create, the seminars I lead, or the one-on-one work I do with clients.


Creative in nature, I have found that art moves me into a state of allowance where I can easily connect with the knowing of the subconscious mind and bring it fully into conscious awareness so that I and others can experience it. Clarity is always the missing link in any problem we perceive that we have, but that clarity is many times quietly hiding within the layers of the subconscious mind. We simply need a creative space in order for it to be revealed to us.

The information that emerges from my work, which some might label as philosophical or spiritual in nature, has transformed my understanding of the following: who I am beyond self-imposed limitations, the reflective nature of reality, the fluidity of individual and collective perspectives as aspects of interactive consciousness, and my total creative power in the experience of life.

One of my greatest passions is teaching others to explore the depths of their own self through the creative process. This has led me to create an experience called "The Art of Connection" which can be experienced online and in person at various locations around the globe. 

Let your heart lead you through this website, and if there's an opportunity for us to connect, then I will very much look forward to it.

Big Love,



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