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I’m an explorer of consciousness who guides people in self-exploration through my work as a Visionary Artist. The creative way in which I work moves me into a state of allowance where I connect with the knowing of the subconscious mind and bring it into consciousness so I and others can experience it.


The information, which some might label as spirituality or philosophy, has been transformative in the way I understand who I am beyond self-imposed limitations, the reflective nature of reality, the fluidity of individual and collective perspectives, and my total creative power in the experience of life.

I’ve been exploring the powers of the subconscious mind through the creative process and art for many years now. Previously, I paid very little attention to the idea that my mind was divided between conscious and subconscious. I was just going through the motions of life - and there was nothing wrong with that, of course. But I did feel a pull towards something “more.”

Working with art was originally just a way to have fun and express myself. But when surprising revelations began to appear while I was creating the art, I began to have the experience of coming to know things that had previously been invisible to my conscious mind. It was as if the art was opening up this portal – to everything - all that is - within me.

I have found that Visionary Art helps people to connect with the most authentic version of themselves. When external reality dominates, it is easy to forget who you really are. And no amount of critical thinking can help you find your way back. It is only when you return to a deep state of feeling, sparked by the creative mind, that you can remember.




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Roger was raised in rural Texas. As he was born into a family of musicians, Roger followed family tradition and went on to study music at University. The course of his professional life contains too many twists and turns to list separately, so suffice it to say that the next 17 years of his life saw him working in musical theatre (NYC, regional, national tours), headhunting organizations,  corporate recruitment roles, and finally, as a Division President for one of the world's largest translation and interpretation companies.


With the art serving as a springboard for deeper self exploration, Roger has been on a continual, intense, and invigorating journey which has taken him into the depths of duality/non-duality where he gained tremendous insight into the formation, power, and choice of belief systems - and how those belief systems create the experience of reality.


When Roger met his husband Story Waters, they immediately knew there was a special connection - and two months later understood that connection to be a partnership - one that would encompass love, life, and work.  Together they have built Limitlessness Publishing which focuses on the creation of self-empowerment experiences through the mediums of books, web-based courses, and in-person seminars and retreats.


2014 was a year of huge transformation and the couple moved from the United Kingdom to Southern California, and then most recently to Huntington Bay, New York. They have now added Alba to the family, a white German Shepherd. People who have been following their work for some time have seen Alba grow into the majestic creature that he is, and enjoy his frequent humorous contributions to the ongoing work.


Roger and Story offer multiple opportunities for people to chart their own journey of self-exploration - primarily through a popular online series of courses known as 20/20 Focuses and usually one in-person retreat each year. Roger also makes a variety of appearances throughout the year, which you can read about on the Events page of this website.










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